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A Slovenian-based makeup artist.

Developed a deeper love to makeup while studying cosmetology. Beside the interest in different skin types I spent a lot of my free time painting, but six years ago I switched canvas for a 3D shape canvas - the face. 

I gained professional knowledge at Carpus makeup centre and BARDO School of makeup a year later. My opinion is that you can never have enough knowledge to stop learning, so I am still attending workshops of Slovenian and foreign makeup artist (Empera makeup artist, Jos Brands…), exploring and researching in the field of cosmetics and I also love to assist makeup artists who have been already established in film industry. For the past few years I have been able to gain my work experience on domestic and foregin TV Series, commercials, editorials, movies and music videos. 

I believe in natural beauty and not covering it with tons of makeup. I always want to emphasize the beauty on each individual and find a common path to make them feel good in their own skin. Fresh and healthly looking skin are the key.

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